Emerging Trends: Digital Transformation Through Geospatial Technology

The 90 minutes technology track session by Sambus Geospatial limited would look at location and geospatial technologies being at the heart of digital transformation.

Until a harmonization of the opportunities and challenges of cloud computing are achieved and the opportunities of big data analytics are appreciated, West Africa’s engagement with the rest of the world will be increasingly limited, with the effects of isolation from emerging science and technology, missed opportunities for sustainable development, and slowed economic growth. SERVIR West Africa will initiate a dialogue between end-users, decision-makers and industry leaders in a dialogue aimed at mapping out a strategy to take advantages of the opportunities presented by cloud computing and big data (CCBD), while overcoming the challenges of broad adoption across the region.


Digital Transformation Through Geospatial Technology


Ghassan Schbley, ESRI MEA Business Development Manager
Emmanuel Sampson, Trimble Business Development Manager for Africa
Representative from L3Harris