Moving toward FCI-Ghana (Food Convergent Innovation) for Integrated Sustainable Development Discussion by MCGILL UNIV Canada & GODAN

This panel will highlight key principles and methods of convergent innovation (CI) as it applies to farm and food, and in the context of Ghana. CI assembles mindset, methods and skills needed for design, real-world deployment, and impact monitoring of products, program and ecosystems that maximize convergence between economic, health, and environmental impact at individual and population levels. The course will bridge quantitative methods of behavioral, industrial and health economics with strategic approaches from disciplined entrepreneurship, lean innovation and agile management around a core digital-powered and person- and community-centered focus. The panel will feature Ghana-based FCI projects that are being design, deployed and/or examine to serve as prototypes for on-the-ground projects and digital support going from farm, to processing, manufacturing, and consumer facing access and communication targeting mother and child nutrition and empowerment as pathways to rural and urban integrative sustainable development.