Lidar Fundamentals and Applications

Lidar Fundamentals and Applications Dr. Qassim A. Abdullah Chief Scientist and Senior Associate
Woolpert, Inc
Title LIDAR Fundamentals and Applications

The session focuses on demonstrating the fundamentals of the LIDAR system and performance. The goal is to provide a dynamic forum to address current LIDAR acquisition systems and acquisition parameters and to high light capabilities on this new technologies.

  • What is Lidar?
  • Operational Theory
  • Processing overview: lidar processing methodologies
  • Commercial lidar systems
  • Lidar calibration and boresighting
  • standards and accuracies
  • lidar data products and formats
  • lidar visualization techniques and tools
  • Lidar Latest Technologies: Geiger mode and Single Photon
  • Lidar on drones
Instructor Qassim A. Abdullah, Ph.D., PLS, CP, Chief Scientist and Senior Associate
Woolpert, Inc