Youth Forum

The overarching theme for the youth session is :”Harnessing Emerging Technologies in Shaping Africa’s Future”. This together with other subthemes and lightning talks will be featured in the session centered on diverse interactions and aimed at positioning youth to work together in achieving the SDGs specifically GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The fast paced nature of IT offers a wide range for everyone to tap into. Amidst the advantages associated with emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, there are fears of machines taking over the labour force thereby rendering many qualified persons, jobless. This event will discuss these issues and deliberate on how to groom a new breed of leaders through the sharing of testimonials by leaders spearheading vibrant youth groups and discussions in parallel sessions. Young people will engage in dialogues to discuss inclusive participation in the digital community where security is pivotal, while addressing issues that can better position and equip them to harness emerging technologies in shaping Africa's future.


  • To guide and groom the next breed of transformational leaders ready for Africa’s Digital Future
  • To share with participants the opportunities that exist with emerging technologies such as the geospatial industry
  • To offer participants the opportunity to meet and learn from employers/leaders who will be at the event
  • Development of a personal character that inspires confidence in Africa’s future
  • To also offer volunteering opportunities to young people which would aid in building their credentials

Expected Number of Persons:

150 to 300 persons ( 16-35 years)


  • Lily Edinam Botsyoe
  • Steven Mawutor Donkor